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Working with Views Templates in Drupal

Working with Views can be a little confusing for anyone new to Drupal. Don't get me wrong, Views is an absolutely brilliant piece of programming (thanks merlinofchaos!), but there are so many options that finding the correct toggle can be daunting. And no matter how brilliant, eventually you'll discover you've outgrown all available options in rewriting and variable usage and you need to figure out how to modify values via php. The answer? Views templates. And Views helps you out there too!And HowFor this example we are going to focus on one specific problem: creating a list of image thumbnails.In our hypothetical we have extended a node type via cck to include an image upload called [field_image_value] that we display when viewing the full node.  When each node is created a thumbnail is auto-created via the IMCE Plugin on upload. We've given them a suffix of _thumbnail such that our-image-filename.jpg becomes thumbnail our-image-filename_thumbnail.jpg.For our bl…