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Saving changes not permited in SQL 2008

There's a nasty little checkbox selected by default in SQL Server Management Studio 2008 that prevents table changes from being committed. It's not permissions, it is an installation and user specific checkbox hidden under tools > options > designers. Uncheck "Prevent saving changes that require table re-creation".

Source and more info:

Restoring Orphaned SQL Server 2008 Users

We keep moving databases across servers and reinstalling SQL Server at my office. Almost everything transitions perfectly except SQL Server Users. Unless the user already exists in the Master Security table, the database user is left orphaned inside the database without the ability to perform any useful function. Like you right now, but we're gonna change that.

Here is an example, note how there is a User Name but no Login Name.
User Name but no Login Name

Step 1: Recreate the User in Master
First, if they don't already exist, is to recreate the user in the master database by browsing to the root level Security folder in SQL Server Management Studio, choose Logins and right-click create user.

You tried to check the database database under the "User Mapping" page didn't you?
Create failed for User 'UserName'.

That was a good idea hotshot, but it ain't gonna work for you. Just create the user and Ok your way out of there. Time for Step 2.

Step 2: Remap Us…